Verizon is Blocking Our Email!


Well, we don’t really know for sure as they are not being forthcoming with a reason. The most likely reason is some may be getting our emails sent by ConstantContact and don’t want them. Instead of clicking on the link “Rapid removal with SafeUnsubscribeâ„¢” they are clicking on the “Report Spam” or similar link in their email client, like Verizon webmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. If this happens enough times some or all of your email providers may begin to take it seriously and we get blocked.

What are we doing to fix it?

We’ve contacted Verizon and asked very nicely that they whitelist our domain. Unfortunately, they have declined.

What can you do to fix it?

Everyone with a email address should visit Verizon Whitelist Request Form and submit the form making sure to put in the field “Details E-mail address or domain you cannot receive e-mail from” our domain name Example:


Verizon Online – Whitelist Request Form

Please, Please, PLEASE do not report our email as spam. If you really don’t want to receive email from us please use the “unsubscribe” link (ConstantContact) or reply back that you don’t want our email and we’ll remove you from our lists.

Tell everyone you know from the church about this. Show them this article. Some may never see this article as they only get it via email and they are reporting it as spam!

Jon Bogan
Webmaster and Email Administrator