May 02 2014

Vacation Bible School 2014

Jungle Safari VBS

Jungle Safari VBS 2014

Our partnership with St. Paul’s UCC of Sellersville created a fun filled week at Jungle Safari. There were 49 children that ventured deep into the jungle to discover the nature of God. What they found is that God is our Creator, Provider, Protector, Savior, and King. There were exciting things happening throughout the jungle. Toucan Jam was the location for music and dance to celebrate the Glory of God. Our daily clues led the kids to Zip Line Bible Time where bible stories revealed God’s nature. At Slug-A-Bug S.W.A.M.P. (Serve With A Mighty Purpose!) the kids performed service projects for our local community while learning the meaning of mission work. Jaguar Junction was the stop for rest and relaxation while enjoying jungle inspired snacks. Each day at Lizard’s Leap Craft Center the kids made musical instruments. The secrets of nature were revealed at our Science Station while energy was released and water sports enjoyed in the Outdoor Games area.

The daily skit followed Doc Allbright and his research assistant Jake Jordon as they undertook a safari into the lands of the ancient Roly Poly tribe. It was a quest to find a priceless treasure. They came to discover that the clues were leading them straight to God. God is worth more than any gold or jewels, He is the greatest treasure of all!

Our VBS daily offering was dedicated to Heifer International. This organization’s mission is to combat hunger and poverty around the world. Heifer provides animals and training in impoverished areas so that the residents can produce food and income for their families. Each recipient then passes on the gift by giving another member of their community the first-born female offspring. By doing this the benefit continues to grow. We were able to raise $500 for this important mission. We also helped support Pennridge FISH, our local food pantry, by bringing in grocery products for the pantry shelves.

I would like to say thank you to all who helped create this great week for our children. There was lots of fun and energy at VBS this year. Thank you to the children who participated with such enthusiasm. That is what makes it enjoyable for all involved.

Ann Wright, VBS Director

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