Sep 06 2011

Vacation Bible School – 2011

Hometown Nazareth – Where Jesus Was a Kid

A week of fun, learning and mission projects!

VBS this year was a great success! Our theme was Nazareth: Where Jesus was a Kid! With 30 children participating, and over 20 volunteers, students were able to get a lot of one on one time, and learn about the other people in their groups. Throughout the week the children met with Mary and heard stories about Jesus. They went to the family huddles to learn bible verses, stopped in at the marketplace to learn about the crafts and adventures of people in the market, learned songs all about Jesus, and most importantly, learned how Jesus was a kid, just like them!nazarethlogo

  • Jesus went to church…we do too.
  • Jesus has a name…we do too.
  • Jesus has a family…we do too.
  • Jesus serves others…we do too!

These are some of they ways they discovered they were just like Jesus. These ideas are tied to bible stories such as when Jesus was born, when Jesus performed the miracle at the wedding in Canan, and when Jesus was lost at the temple.

This year, we also led 2 mission projects during VBS. The first was taking donations for InterFaith Hospitality Network right here in our own neighborhood. Offering was collected every day and those funds were given to help those participating in InterFaith to get food, clothes, and shelter. We also did another project called Kids Helping Kids. This mission was a great success! Children brought in school supplies, books, notebooks, socks, pencils, games, and all kinds of treasure to help make baskets and sent to children in need all over the world. There was a ton sent in and children loved going shopping to help make a difference to others.

A big thank you goes out to all teachers, helpers, and adults who helped in many way! It was a tremendous learning experience for us all, and worked out wonderfully! Thanks to the children who participated who were so inspiring, energetic, and ready to learn. We look forward to VBS again next year!

Michelle Maraschiello, VBS Director

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