Aug 25 2010

Vacation Bible School – 2010

Joseph’s Journey from Prison to Palace

A week of fun, learning and mission projects!

This year’s Vacation Bible School community was transported to Egypt, during the time of Joseph and Pharaoh and the great famine. Children and adults explored what it might have been like to live during this time. We had four “Families” that visited the Egyptian Marketplace where they experienced new traditions, tasted new foods, tried new arts and crafts projects. Some of the activities were learning hieroglyphics, brick making, basket weaving, and creating headbands. Students took time to make a pyramid for our God, and each brick showed one way in which we see God in our lives. The Families traveled daily to Joseph at the prison and then followed him to the palace where Joseph learned to forgive, use his wisdom, and love his family. The main messages and themes for this year’s Vacation Bible School were…

  • God gives us hope
  • God gives us special abilities
  • God gives us wisdom
  • God gives us the power to forgive
  • God gives us family

Our Vacation Bible School had two mission projects, focusing on our brothers and sisters, near and far. Our daily offering went towards Heifer Project International. This project gives animals to communities to help them get the food and resources they need. One animal can multiply into many more and the gift keeps on giving.

The children also brought in canned goods and non-perishable items (cereal, lunch foods (non-perishable), cleaning supplies, paper goods) each day for the people in our own community. All donations went to Pennridge FISH, the local food pantry for the Perkasie region. Our generous giving to these mission projects is a clear sign of the love and compassion coming from the Saint Andrew’s VBS community.

I would personally give a big THANK YOU to all of the volunteers that helped make VBS a success this year. It all went so smoothly and it is because of the great offerings of each and everyone who was able to help. I was glad to get to know so many of you on a personal level, and excited to see you demonstrate all of your talents and abilities. Thank you!

Michelle Maraschiello, VBS Director

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