Sep 28 2009

Vacation Bible School – 2009

Paul and the Underground Church

A week of fun, learning and mission projects!

This year’s Vacation Bible School community was transported to Rome, during the time of Paul and the Underground Church. Children and adults explored what it might have been like to live as the Church was just beginning. We had four “Families” that visited the Roman Marketplace where they experienced new traditions, tasted new foods, and tried new arts and crafts projects. The Families traveled daily to Paul’s home while he was under house arrest chained to his guard Brutus. The Families also met daily in the secret cave of the Underground Church where they were able to share Paul’s teachings of God’s love.

  • God’s love is a gift
  • God’s love changes us
  • God’s love is always with us
  • God’s love saves us
  • God’s love is worth sharing

Our Vacation Bible School had two mission projects, focusing on our brothers and sisters, near and far. Our daily offering went towards a special mission project, Water for Waslala (WfW). All money collected helped to supply drinking water systems for the community of Wasala, Nicaragua. Waslala is a poor community in central Nicaragua consisting of 85 rural communities and 45,000 people. Today, over 30,000 Waslalans lack a potable water system, causing needless suffering and death every year from preventable waterborne diseases. The WfW mission helps provide the funds and technical expertise needed to supply every Waslalan with the clean drinking water they deserve.

The children also brought in canned goods and non-perishable items (cereal, lunch foods (non-perishable), cleaning supplies, paper goods) each day for a new mission project we are involved with, the Inter-Faith Hospitality Network (IHN). The IHN helps local families who have fallen on hard times regain their housing, their independence, and their dignity.

Our generous giving to these mission projects is a clear sign of the love and compassion coming from the Saint Andrew’s VBS community.

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