Feb 22 2009

Vacation Bible School – 2008

Power Lab – Discovering Jesus’ Miraculous Power!

A week of fun, learning and mission projects!

This year’s Vacation Bible School provided fun, inspiration, and a chance to grow closer to each other and to Jesus. Miraculous discoveries were made in our Power Lab.

Jesus gives us the power to be thankful.

Jesus gives us the power to help others.

Jesus gives us the power to be brave.

Jesus gives us the power to live forever.

Jesus gives us the power to tell others about God.

This summer our Vacation Bible School had three mission projects, focusing on our brothers and sisters, near and far.

Our food collection bin for Pennridge FISH was filled to the top.

Our Pennies for Peace mission, which helps build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, was a success.

We also collected $500 – enough to purchase one heifer for Heifer Project International.

Our generous giving to these three missions is a clear sign of the love and compassion coming from Saint Andrew’s just as Jesus has taught us.

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