TAP Peace Camp 2009

July 20th through the July 24th was an exciting week at St. Andrew’s UCC.  The members of Teens Acting for Peace (TAP) put together a five day camp that taught kids in grades 1 – 5 about peace.

Peace Camp was a big hit.  We had 28 kids that took part in this new experience.  Seven kids were from our church with the rest coming from the community.

Each day in Peace Camp consisted of an opening, class time, lesson, snack, drama, arts & crafts, and a closing.  The curriculum was based on five themes, one for each day.

  • Respect
  • Listening & communication
  • Bullying
  • Forgiveness
  • Nature

All of the kids enjoyed the activities every day.

As one of teen coordinators at TAP peace camp, I would have to say that I had fun, too.  When we first decided to do Peace Camp we weren’t sure how it would turn out but by the end of the week it was even better then we would have imagined.  Peace Camp was a HUGE success.

The Advisors of the camp were Ann Wright, Bonnie Hill, Judy Koenig, and Pastor Scott.  The TAP group that actually ran the week long camp were Michelle Wright, Jennifer Wright, Amanda Koenig, Tim Yannaconne, Allison Yannaconne, and Greg Hill.

By: Catherine Wright