Dec 04 2011

Winter 2012 – Foundations of Faith

In the wake of our dynamic Foundations of Faith series the last fall, we are offering a fresh FOF experience on Saturday mornings in the new year. Beginning January 14, we will be gathering at 9:00 am at the Down to Earth Café in Perkasie. Our sessions will be scheduled for an hour, and our setting will mean that refreshment will be readily available.

We will immerse ourselves in the basics, the essentials, of Christian life and practice. It will be great for adults seeking to examine, explore, and deepen their experience and life in Christ. Our areas of exploration will include:

  • Christ in the WildernessA Jesus-centered Faith
  • Unbound Love
  • Salvation
  • The Kingdom of God
  • Worship
  • Prayer and Relection
  • Thanks-giving and Fore-giveness
  • Missonal Community

The Saturday time opens up a new possibility for those who would have difficulty attending FOF during Sunday School.

Please let Pastor Scott know of your interest, or email the Church office.

Be sure to check out our Foundations of Faith blog and pix from our Fall class.

There are no prerequisites – just bring all of you!

Archive of previous studies