May 13 2012

Spring 2012 – Foundations of Faith

Sabbath Sense

A four-part series at the Down to Earth Café
Saturdays, May 12th & 26th and June 2nd & 9th at 9:00 am – 10:30 am

“Sabbath is a state of mind, not a day of the week.” – Donna Schaper

None of the topics considered in our excellent “Foundations of Faith” series evoked more excitement and response than Sabbath. It seemed that everyone could relate this blessing from God personally to their own lives. Here are some of the ways we described “Sabbath”:

  • A gift from God
  • A time of liberation
  • Reminder of our beginning and our completion: remembering that God is saving us
  • Break in the tyranny of production and usefulness
  • Creation’s day of rest
  • God honors God’s image in all of us – no exceptions!
  • Taking time, making space to be with God
  • The great equalizer
  • Essential to our well-being
  • Connection between God’s wholeness and the wholeness promised for us

This four-part series will explore the proactive of Sabbath in our own lives. We borrowed the title of Donna Schaper’s wonderful book and will draw on its wisdom. The Down to Earth Café (in the Glenwood Shopping Center on Fifth Street) provides a welcoming environment, along with good food and refreshment for those who wish. Let Pastor Scott know if you are planning to participate or have questions.