Sep 29 2011

Sowing New Life Through Giving

“God’s grace doesn’t work on a budget!”
–One of our longtime church members

“Stewardship is not a program. It is not another of the many projects
and activities making up the church’s life. It is a way of life.
It defines how we understand who we are and what we have; it motivates
and molds what we do.”

– Rev. William C. Green, St. Andrew’s Guest Steward in 2005

Stewardship is exciting. Really, when we consider “stewardship” to be the realization, celebration, and dedication of God’s incredible abundance, entrusted to us, stewardship will always lead to rejoicing! God is the source of every good thing, so stewardship is pretty broad territory. And at the same time, even the smallest things proclaim God’s wonder. So stewardship is about sharing the love of God that we have received. It is about trusting God who has trusted us first. Is is about discovery and surprise, praise and liberation.

stewardshipAt St. Andrew’s, we are a people who have been gifted so generously by God that our communal cup constantly overflows. Our worship services, our ministries, our friendships, our mission, each of God’s precious children, the gospel embodied in you, our accompaniment of each other through thick and thin: all are revelations of grace beyond measure!

Sowing new life through giving is the homegrown theme of this year’s stewardship season. Check out Joe Quinn’s terrific logo. “Sowing new life through giving” is what God does all the time! And it is what God equips us to do; in many ways, we have been made for this, and Jesus has called together an incredibly create mix here at St. Andrew’s! If you boubt God’s astoundingly gracious ways, take another gander at our newly received property and the promise for ministry it holds.

Sunday, October 9, will kick off “Sowing New Life”. The coming weeks will hold messages about the stewardship of Joy, of Mission, of Hospitality, of Learning, of Generous Giving, and more. We’ll be blessed with music, with testimony, with inspiration, and with opportunity. We will welcome new members, and revel in partnerships. Consecration Sunday, November 13th, will be a massive celebration of our gospel ministry, in all its forms, and of new life for each and every on of us! I believe we’ll discover that “time, talent, and treasure” are even greater blessings than we have known. And it won’t end in November.

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