Chili Cook-Off

The chili cook-off started off as a fundraiser for the New Orleans Partnership Team, but the event went way beyond dollars and cents. Pastor Scott preaches and points out that we all possess different talents. The Saturday night of the cook-off, varied talents from over 20 members of our congregation pooled together in harmony. This was a first-time endeavor with a lot of variables – our plans were in place, but we simply didn’t know what to expect. Through the grace of God, our nervous fears soon melted away.

The cook-off took place at Perkasie Fire Co., which quickly filled close to its capacity of 150. A total of 21 chili entries made judging quite challenging. The raffle baskets assembled by the Sunday school classes were a highlight of the evening and greatly appreciated. Central Baptist Church supported our efforts well through a great attendance and a free-trade raffle basket. Amy Hermann, from Keller Williams Real Estate, and Glenn Hermann, from Servpro, also presented a beautiful basket. Chuck Files rounded off the raffle with his world-famous “Aunt Nancy’s” peanut brittle.

How do you measure success? Financially, we did well, but spiritually, we did better. There was a lot of participation from the congregation – from youth to elders, from concept to clean up – we served as a team and accomplished our goal. We shared fellowship, served God and our community, represented our church in a positive light, and strengthened bonds between us. After working together on the Chili Cook-off, we look forward – with great promise and excitement – to putting our talents to greater challenges in New Orleans.