Monthly Archive: December 2016

Dec 22 2016

Prepare the Way for Love

Beloved, The season of anticipation is coming to fullness. This past Sunday we lit the Fourth Advent Candle, the Candle of Love. Our liturgy concluded with these words: “Prepare the way for love and you will find love shining in each and every breath that whispers, ‘Emmanuel’”. Amen! And so this weekend we will celebrate …

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Dec 08 2016

Finding Leads To Losing – Losing Leads To Finding

“Forget trying to have the perfect experience. Forget trying to get your life right. Sink into your current experience. Let it wash over you; drown in its embrace. When you feel lost, heartbroken, unsure of where to turn When doubts smolder and questions rage, Know that it is Love in disguise Burning all your dreams …

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