Rev. Scott Hutchinson

Pastor Scott’s Message

Beautiful Love

Updated 2-26-2015

“Let her” – Jesus’ words to Judas sound like a reprimand, and, in one way,
they are. But they also convey so much more. Mary has done a … » Read More

Sunday Worship & Learning Hours

Come Worship With Us!

9:00 am – Sunday School

10:15 am – Worship Service

This Week @ St. Andrew’s UCC

Thursday, May 21

7:00 pm – Property Team

Sunday, May 24


9:00 am – Sunday School
10:15 am – Worship Service

Holy Communion
Strengthen the Church Offering
Rite of Confirmation

Monday, May 25

Memorial Day

7:30 pm – Memorial Day Service
of Remembrance, Lamentation, and Hope

Tuesday, May 26

10:00 am – Bible Study
7:00 pm – Hospitality Team

Wednesday, May 27

7:00 pm – Senior Choir

Thursday, May 28

7:00 pm – Consistory

Saturday, May 30

7:00 pm – Amanda Koenig’s Flute Recital

Sunday, May 31

9:00 am – Sunday School
Vacation Bible School Preview

10:15 am – Worship Service
Guest Speakers – Pastor Deb & Gary Winters

After Worship – Usher Training

Saint Andrew’s UCC Prayer Hotline


Or Email: prayer@standrewsucc.org

This is a community outreach program available to everyone regardless of church membership.
If you desire to have prayers lifted to God on your behalf or on the behalf of a loved one,
please call our hotline number and leave a message.
You need only leave the first name of the individual and prayer concern.
God knows who you are.