Rev. Scott Hutchinson

Pastor Scott’s Message

The Very Best Church Sign

Updated 9-29-2014

By the time you read this, we will have a new, highly visible church sign
on the front lawn. What a blessing! An abundant memorial gift … » Read More

Sunday Worship & Learning Hours

Come Worship With Us!

9:00 am – Sunday School

10:15 am – Worship Service

This Week @ St. Andrew’s UCC

Thursday, November 20

7:00 pm – Consistory
7:00 pm – Property Maintenance
7:30 pm – Bell Choir

Saturday, November 22

10:00 am to 1:00 pm – Veterans Healing Circles Workshop

Sunday, November 23

9:00 am – Sunday School
10:15 am – Worship Service
Bell and Children’s Choirs

After Worship
Craft Hour
C.R.E.W. Assembly of Thanksgiving Baskets with Jr. Youth

Monday, November 24

C.R.E.W. Deliver Thanksgiving Baskets with Jr. Youth

Tuesday, November 25

10:00 am – Bible Study
7:00 pm – Hospitality Team

Wednesday, November 26

7:30 pm – Thanksgiving Eve Service

Thursday, November 27


Saturday, November 28

10:00 am – Altar Guild Decorating the Church

Sunday, November 30

First Sunday of Advent

9:00 am – Sunday School
10:15 am – Worship Service

Holy Communion

Saint Andrew’s UCC Prayer Hotline


Or Email: prayer@standrewsucc.org

This is a community outreach program available to everyone regardless of church membership.
If you desire to have prayers lifted to God on your behalf or on the behalf of a loved one,
please call our hotline number and leave a message.
You need only leave the first name of the individual and prayer concern.
God knows who you are.